carvings in wood that are not designed to be
worn as jewelry and are not birds
This was my first Love
, done when I was
just starting to learn to
carve. I tried to make the
back as interesting as the
front.  It is of Butternut
wood, and made from a
blank supplied at a
meeting of the Central
Texas Woodcarvers
Association.  1996. 8"
Rattlesnake Love Spoon-
kind of an oxymoron- but I
liked the way it fit the basic
form, and on our ranch we
have killed quite a few
rattlers.  I gave it to our
daughter, Rebecca, to
remind her of the bittersweet
qualities of love.   Butternut.
This Wolf and 3
Cubs was started
in a Desiree Hajni
class at Woodcraft
in Austin, TX.  She
is a great teacher.  
6" 1999
This Manta Ray on Coral
with Shells
is made of
mahogany.  It won a Blue
Ribbon at the Texas
Woodcarvers Guild juried
competition; and it won
second place a the
International Woodcarver's
Conference in 2001.
It is now in the collection of Mr.
Michael LaChance in
Connecticut. 11"
There are three different
pieces of mahogany used for
each of the three sections and
they have three different
The Miniature Schnauzer
is only 3" tall and long.  
She was started in a
class with Wayne Jarvis
with the TWG.  Walnut
base, 2001
This Trout in Butternut,
was started in a class, but
finished at home. The
base is also butternut and
connected to the fish with
a 1/4" brass rod. I gave
this to my father who was
an avid fisherman when
he was younger. He used
to take me fishing with
him and we always
started by finding big ol'
juicy worms for bait. What
fun! 1997
Mouse on a Leaf  was started in a class with Gina Sprowl and finished at home. It
was a beginner project, but I kinda got carried away and made it a bit more
complex. It was carved from a basswood duck egg. The teacher had one carved
out of a basswood hen egg, so that will be my next challenge. 2005
Chipmunk on Leaves was completed in April, 2006. It was inspired by the Mouse on a Leaf, but I wanted to make it my own
design. I will be teaching other carvers how to make a similar carving, the chipmunk on a Log, and the same design will be used
for an article for Carving magazine. I'm real proud of this carving.
The photo with two mice shows the
difference in size between a duck egg
and a hen egg-sized mouse on a leaf.
Challenge accepted!
Chipmunk on a Log. This chipmunk is a variation on the mouse on a leaf carving. This one is much easier to carve because of the way it is
designed. I will be teaching how to carve this piece now and then. There was also an article in Carving Magazine detailing how to make this
carving in June 2007.  2006
Click here to go now to the page to get the instructions for this project..
Wounded Warriors' Cane
This project is part of a
nationwide carvers' community
project to thank our injured
veterans. I was proud to see one
of our canes being carried and
displayed by a veteran during the
President's State of the Union
Address on 1-28-08 on
television. It is nice to be able to
do something, however small, to
say "thank you" to our wounded
soldiers. 2007
"Peeking Mouse on Cheese" is my latest version of this cute little mouse. It came about when a customer in Germany requested a mouse for her good friend's birthday
present. We debated about how to mount it and decided on purpleheart for the base because the friend likes purple. Figured maple was my choice for the cheese. At first I didn't
want to make the holes in the cheese, but then decided that having that bit of purple showing through would add to the composition- so holes it was.
It was a pleasant surprise to me how the pink in the ears picks up the purple of the base in a very symbiotic way. Don't you just love happy accidents! (Sssh, Donna, don't tell them
and they will think you planned it that way.) 2008             
Plans and instructions, and blanks for making the mouse are available. Click here
This Clown Fish project is
not very easy, and it takes a
while to do. I think he is very
cute though, and worth the
effort. An article in the March
2009 issue of Carving
Magazine features how to
make this little fishie. 2008
These 5" Dolphins and the Orca were the project for
the 2008 Alaskan Carving Cruise. The students enjoyed
learning how to carve and finish the dolphin in butternut.
Directions and blanks for carving these sea mammals
are available on the page of items for sale.
Click here to go there now.
Naid in Butternut is the latest
major hard wood carving I've
done. She was finished in 2009.
I loved the pose and asked my
daughter to pose like that for
me to take reference photos.
Everyone enjoys the pattern the
wood grain made on the
buttocks. Getting inside the front
of the body was difficult and I
resorted to some power carving
to form the breasts and belly.
There is a link on the homepage
to the blog for making this
carving .
Bocephus was a commissioned piece for the top of the box containing the cremains of this beloved dog. The blog details the process of
working this piece from the reference photos, through the manquette, and to the carving and painting of the piece. Link to blog on homepage.
Emily in Mahogany is of our own dog, Emily. She is a short-haired red dachshund with a sweet disposition. I took the reference photos for this sculpture
when Emily was less than a year old, (2007). She is now (2013) a bit heavier and a lot slower, but still a sweetie. Blog on homepage.