close-up of foot on branch
Chicadee on Pussywillow Branch, commissioned by the Selders Family.  9". Tupelo wood with Ebony base and Birds-Eye Maple
insert. 2001
Won Second Place in Group Carving Mixed Subjects at the International Woodcarvers Congress, Davenport, Iowa, 2001.
Torpid Hummingbird, or, "Late Freeze", commissioned 2000.  Tupelo
with Partridgewood base.  7".  This carving won a blue ribbon in its
class, and second place in the category of 'Birds' at the International
Woodcarvers Congress in Davenport Iowa, 2001.
The snow, branch, and bud were all carved out of one piece of tupelo
wood. The bird was also carved out of one piece of tupelo.
Preliminary drawings
for Chicadee on
Pussywillow Branch
with Ladybug.
This Kestrel was started in a class at the Ralley on the Rio, get together of the Rio Grande Valley Woodcarvers, in Mercedes,
Texas in January 2004. It was completed at home after many hours of fine tuning the carving, wood burning the details, and
painting the bird. Fortunately I had many great reference books to use to make the detail as accurate as possible. The bird is
mounted on a cut of Bristlecone Pine that is said to be 1,200 years old. It was carved completely out of one piece of basswood.
The eyes are glass, and the legs are painted pewter.
This commission, 11/05, was made for a woman who was one of my nicest Woodcraft customers. She
had seen the Chicadee and Ladybug piece in the store back in 2001 and decided then to have me
make one for her. It had to wait until the book was done, but then it was top priority. She decided to
give it to a very good friend whom she has known since forever. I was able to present it to the friend,
with the patron, and I'm pleased to say that everyone seemed to be very satisfied.
The small photo shows the bird with the original photo that we both agreed was a good male Eastern
Bluebird likeness. The bird is tupelo, the post is carved butternut, and the base is mesquite.
While making this
sculpture I kept a
continuing blog to
record my progress and
keep me motivated. If
you would like to see a
step-by-step series of
almost 80 photos and
text detailing this
process just click here.
This carving was made as a go-along project for a private carving student. It was made on and
off between Nov 2006 and January 2007. I would keep one step ahead of the student so he
could see how best to proceed and what to aim for. You can see his bird on the Students' Work
page. The bird is one piece of tupelo, the base was carved from butternut.
Making a three-dimensional-life-sized-realistic
hummingbird is not as difficult as it looks- but it
isn't easy either. The wings and tail feathers are
individually inserted into the body- which isn't the
easiest job, but the finished effect is worth the
If you look on the page of items for sale I have a
17-page booklet describing how we made this
birdie in a three day class.
Click HERE to see that page.
The kit to make this hummer is also available for $15. The kit includes the blanks for the body (with
dowel for beak already inserted), wings and tail feathers (including an extra pair- just in case), as well
as the 3mm glass eyes.
Click HERE to see the kit
If you are feeling very adventurous you can also make these hummers out of harder woods. Here you
can see one made out of figured maple and one out of lacewood. The effect is very elegant, but the
carving job, without power, was difficult. Blanks are available in these and other hardwoods. Contact
me for more information.
This unique hummingbird
pair is in the collections
of the Bennetts.
NEW!!! DVD Video 2 hours
long on how to make this
Step-by-step, nothing left
out, lots of helpful hints-
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Wren in My Hand, 2012
This piece started out as a trial to
see if I could carve a small bird
without using power carving tools.
When I had the bird finished I
didn't know how to mount it so I
thought of the 'bird in the hand'
and carved my hand as a base,
with a piece of shaped mahogany
for a support.
This carving was entered in the Coastal Bend
Woodcarvers' Show in 2012 where it was awarded
the blue ribbon in songbirds and also a merit award.
Now I will be able to teach this class, make a DVD of how to make this bird, and write a magazine
article and how-to booklet too. Kits with the blank, pewter feet and glass eyes will be available for
purchase soon. See the items for sale page for ordering information. Click here