HOW TO MAKE A BALL-JOINTED DOLL IN WOOD, my latest booklet, is now finished and available. It has 48 pages in full color including 6
pages of plans and assembly instructions.
Whew, it has taken a long time, and a tremendous amount of effort, but I feel that it will be worth while if some people derive as much
enjoyment from this project as I have.
The PDF download is available for $18.
There are full-sized (7 " doll)
plans for front, back, right side,
left side, and for how to make
the blanks. There is a clear
diagram with 4 views on how
to string the doll and place the
diverting wires.
The step-by-step instructions
leave nothing out, and any
competent wood carver should
be able to make a good doll.
The materials to make this doll
do not cost much, but the
finished doll is priceless.
Here is a link to 8 pages taken
from the booklet to give you an
idea of how thorough the
instructions are.
Currently the booklet will be
available only as a PDF
Download. Printing this
booklet would be costly so I
do not plan to print it myself.
You can print it at home, or
take the file to a printer to
make your own copy.
I have considered offering a
kit that would include the
prepared blocks with
pre-drilled holes, the elastic,
wire, and threader. Contact
me if interested: