During the time that my book was no longer available in print, I wanted to make it available in a form that would be available forever. I've scanned each of the 22 project
and the basic information into separate PDF downloads, so that you can get as much or as little information as you want. Everything is exactly as it was in
the book, in full color. The
8-cut projects have been returned as they were originally planned, making 30 projects altogether. Projects vary from 4-11 pages and have
general project information added at the beginning of each project.
BASICS Information from front part of book.
The basic information is 68 pages long and includes:
Tools- band saws, sanding tools,other tools and shop
Design Considerations- design basics, choosing wood
Construction Techniques-safety, cutting, sanding, gluing
Finishing- surface treatments, colorants, topcoats, flocking
The complete scanned book is also available on
. Complete book as published, 224 pages in full
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The 30 Band Saw Box Projects:
box plans and instructions and additional information to improve your box making skills
#1 Bangle Box
The first box project in the book,
though not necessarily the easiest
box to make. Construction is by
slabbing and then reconstructing
the pieces. Easy sanding jig using
#2 Domino Box
In this project you will find how
easy it is to use your belt sander
to shape wood quickly and easily
while you make this attractive box
#3 Star Box
Learn how to make a star with
any number of points, as well as
step-by-step how to carve a star
on your box using just a
carpenter's chisel.
The 30 Projects
Order plans and
step-by-step instructions for
all these boxes. Look below
for details
#4 Texas Box
Make an outline of any state and
proceed as instructed to make a box
specific to your state. Learn how to
repair damaged wood using colored
epoxy, and how to use a scraper.
#5 Hurricane Box
Looks like a lathe turned box, but it
was all made with the band saw
and sanders. Learn tricks of
making really tight fitting lids.
The items for sale below are links to downloads for you to save to your computer and print out. They
are just as they appeared in the book.
#6 Man in the Moon
Combine segmentation and
band saw box techniques
to make this, or a similar
design, box. Learn how to
apply dyes.
#7 Shaker Box
For this box we make a
divided interior and learn
cross-clamping and some
tricks for shaping a nice
#8 Peanut Box
This is a funny box. You will
learn how to shape using
sanders and how to use one
carving gouge to achieve a
textured surface that looks like
a peanut shell.
#9 Tea Boxes
Use woods of contrasting
colors and learn how to
laminate them to make a
block of wood for a band
saw box.
#10 Earth Boxes
Nesting boxes are great because
they don't waste much wood. My
first boxes were made in this
design. They are one of the
easiest boxes to make- and they
always look good.
#11 Hearts Boxes
Everyone likes the heart boxes,
and you can make them easier
by cutting the lids flat instead of
curved. Flocking is covered, as
well as repairing holes and
#12 Bamboo Boxes
Wood burning makes these
boxes special. Learn how to
use the wood burner to get
similar effects on other boxes
#13 Log Box
Not the best box- but has some
features you could apply to other box
designs. A 1/16" blade is necessary
for making such a small key if using
a rounded shape.
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#14 Teachers' Pet Box
One of the best little boxes, it
makes a great gift for a teacher.
More difficult than other boxes, but
worth the effort. Learn how to
make angled cuts with the saw and
shape with your sander.
#15 Poker Box
Ridiculously difficult and
not very useful 'box'. Some
of the techniques could be
applied to a better design
though. Needs a tray to set
into for stability.
#16 Bread Box
Interesting plan, but
horrendously difficult to
make. Hints for making
deep cuts and fitting the
darned thing.
#17 Chickie Box
This is one of my favorite
boxes to make- and everyone
likes it. It is very easy and
you can change it to any
other shape and have it look
great too.
#18 Guppy Box
Another favorite and one of
the most reader-made
designs in the book. Vary it
up and change the outlines
to make a different box.
Details on dying
#19 Pinwheel Box
Making the pivoting hinges
hidden is easy with this
technique. This project was a
featured article I did for
Woodcraft Magazine.
#20 Yin Yang Boxes
The first box I designed for the
book- it is still a favorite with me
and other band saw box makers.
Make both boxes at once and
share tops. Inlay dots with plug
#21Sea Shell Box
Learn how to use 5mm barrel
hinges to easily make a
hinged box. Also step-by-step
on how to carve the shell top.
Make a flat top for an easier
#22 Butterfly Box
One of the nicest and most
difficult of all the boxes. Plan
to take a lot of time fitting
things together so that the lock
and key work. Worth the effort.
#23 Celtic Knot Box
Learn how to make a recessed
lid and make a magnet closure
for these boxes. Carved or
wood burned they look great.
#24 Flower Box
Learn how to mortise in very
small hinges, apply a mirror,
and make some pieces of
wood into a fine applique
#25 Double-Cross Box
Wood inlay (just using band
saw), hidden magnets, miter
sub-fence, mortised hinges,
recessed lid, and a floating
#26 Scroll Box
A drawer-style box, with
style and great wood.
Relatively easy to make
and with some hints you
can get as snug a fit.
#27 Infinity Box
Largest box in the book. Two
drawers with magnets to hold the
drawers in place. Dealing with
scratches in the finish of softer
woods. Nice Project.
#28 Snail Box
You can make any critter
following the directions for this
project. The  the pattern for
making an armadillo box (not in
the book) is included,
#29 Ambrosia Box
The mysteries of the hidden
hinge box revealed.
#30 Ultimate Box
This box has everything, and it
ain't easy, but many people
have made it and variations on
this theme
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