This lovely Catholic
church in Worms
has a vineyard from
which, in theory, all
the Liebfraumilch
wine comes. It is a
small vineyard- so I
don't think that is
I used the skills of
the scientific
illustrator to make
these detailed
drawings which were
then reproduced
and sold in
Germany. 1978
Der Wormser Dom is
a 13th century
Lutheran cathedral
in the center of
Worms, Germany.
This print was the
most popular of the
set of three because
of the popularity of
the cathedral.
It is made of large
blocks of stone and
is quite magnificent
to see.
Worms itself was a
very nice town with
many old buildings
and fine
architecture. 1978
This print of the Jewish
monuments rounds out
the set. The Synagogue
still had the traditional
baths associated with it.
In the cemetary it was
traditional to place a
stone on the top of the
grave marker of the
person whose grave you
were visiting.
Here is a sampling of some of the Earlier Pen and ink and pencil work I did from 1970 until we moved from California to
Germany. I was studying scientific illustration and biological illustration at Berkeley and Hayward State. Then I illustrated a
biology text for Los Medanos College just before the move to Germany.
Two studies from life. A friend had the iguana and I found the pregnant preying mantis in the yard. She was friendly and would sit on my finger
and cock her head at me in a most anthropomorphic way. 1972-5
These are two of my favorites. The shell is one I still have and like, and the Merganser duck was a stuffed bird at the college where I did the
biology text illustrations. 1976-77
This illustration showed
the gross anatomy and
physiology of the renal
system. Typical of the
many illustrations I did for
the biology lab workbook
for the college. I needed
to understand the
concepts before I could
make the drawings. I
didn't want to just copy
someone else's work.
They wanted to be able
to copywrite the book
and sell it to students, so
it had to be original work.
This is the house design I came up with in 1982
when we decided to build our own house in Lytton
Springs, in the country. Except for the stairs going
up the front and the railings it came out just like the
drawing. 1982
Sunflower from the
garden. Never
finished it- too darn
much detail- it was
taking forever. 1977
Here are two examples of scratchboard pieces. I liked scratchboard because it let you go from white to black and then back and forth as much
as you wanted to play with it. These two insects were road kill found on our window sills in California. 1972 -76
These two pencil plant studies were for the class in biological illustration at Hayward State. Both plants came from the yard/garden. 1975