Some Easel Paintings
From photos we took in Europe and around our village of Hamm in Germany.  Oils.  1977-1980
Castle on an island in the middle of the Rhein river. 1978
A Huhner Hof, or chicken yard, in the little hamlet of Hamm
Windmill in Friesland
Another Huhner Hof- I still like chickens
and keep them for the eggs. 1979
This is the view from the new section towards the older
section of Hamm, uber den Garten Platz und Friedhof.1980
It was a challenge to copy this 17th century
French painting. We saw it in a museum and
I wanted to see if I could make my own copy.
Breckinridge Stables in San Antonio Texas. 1983
Made-up view of old Texas farmstead. 1984
A very good year for my Christmas
cactus in our San Antonio home. 1985
Most of these next subjects were
taken from reference photos as we
toured our new home state of Texas.
These are two of my favorite paintings.
Reference photos for both were taken on
the same day as we were touring
Fredricksburg and the Johnson Ranch.
Another chicken
yard- this time at
the Johnson
Ranch's old
farmstead. 1986
This porch in
caught my eye and
the brakes were
slammed on for a
photo. The cat and
geraniums are mine,
but the rest was
already for a picture,
or a painting.
My Odalesque is
a fantasy
painting done
while I was at the
University of
Texas studying
art. We had a live
model and I was
trying to be a
loose as
possible. . . for
me. 1992
Study in
watercolor of a
miniature African
Violet I had
growing in the
house. It was a
tiny plant, and it
was fun to blow it
all out of
proportion. 1991
This is another
watercolor, this
time of a back
alley in the local
town of Lockhart,
Texas. 1994
This acrylic is of the
courthouse in
Lockhart Texas just
before it was
rennovated. The
painting is now in the
collection of the Dr.
Eugene Clarke
Library, in Lockhart.