MAKING A FULL-SIZED HUMMINGBIRD-This 17 page booklet is similar my 3-day class on how to make this
hovering hummingbird with inserted wings and tail feathers. All of the carving is done with palm gouges and a
knife. There are extensive illustrations and plans for making the blanks, carving, assembling, burning in detail,
and painting the bird.
E-booklet in full color, PDF, for downloading-$5.00
HUMMINGBIRD PIN/MAGNET- Here is a 6 page color booklet on carving the Hummingbird
Pin/Magnet. Directions are for the painted hummingbird with details on carving, burning
details, painting, and making epoxy eyes; but the same carving information applies to the
hummers made with hard woods. Cost
E-booklet in full color, for downloading-$3.00
Note- all 1-3 page plans and instructions for pins and boxes are still free for downloading on the jewelry and boxes pages

I also make and sell
blanks for all my smaller projects. The jewelry blanks are mostly $3.00 and include the pin backs and instructions. The Celtic blanks cost from $5 - $10 depending
on design and type of wood.
A couple of these blanks can ship on a regular envelope for less than the Priority Shipping costs, if you prefer.

These bigger blanks require special shipping:
Blanks for the
dolphins in basswood, $8; butternut or mahogany, $10
Blanks for the
chipmunk on a log, $10

If you are interested, send me an email and tell me what you want and I will tell you how much it will cost:
CARVE A CUTE DOLPHIN/ORCA- Making this dolphin in basswood to paint or in a hard wood is easy with
this 8-page color booklet to show you how. Many photos and illustrations make each step a breeze. Dorsal
fin is integral, ventral fins inserted.
Patterns included for curved body and straight body (easier). Plans and painting scheme for an Orca also
8 pages full color,
E-booklet in full color, for downloading-$3.00
CHIPMUNK ON A LOG- This little fellow has an acorn and a fine seat. You can make him with these plans and
instructions used in my classes. Many many students have successfully made this carving following the step-by-step
instructions. Photos and illustrations show how you too can make this fine critter.
6 pages full color,
$5.00 (note: shipping is additional)
E-booklet in full color, for downloading-$3.00
PEEKING MOUSE-  this adorable lifesized and lifelike mouse. It isn't too
difficult and everyone wants a shelf mouse like this. The
7 page booklet is
in color (not bound) with step-by-step carving, burning, and painting
Also available as a download for $4.

Also available now- the mouse blanks. $8.00
Download file       $5.00
Download file       $4.00
Hummingbird Kit
in basswood          $15.00
USA = $6
Canada = $20 (maximum 4pounds)
International = $25 (maximum 4 pounds)
Shipping rates are for anything that can fit into:
Priority Flat Rate Envelope (holds one book and some additional plans- up to 50 pages) or a-
Priority Flat Rate Small Box (which holds a whole bunch of blanks and some plans too).
Any other shipping method is much more costly. Please contact me to find out what the charges will be.

Please contact me before ordering if you have any questions:
Digital version- download from link
224 full-color pages with everything you ever
wanted to know about band saws, sanders,
safety, design, construction, and finishing
your box.
Mouse blank alone    $8.00
17 page booklet  $15.00
6 page color booklet
8-page color booklet
6 pages full color
downloadable plans- of course.
Downloads are not
automatic, but I send them
to you within 24 hours.
Printed booklet     $6.00
video alone $25.
Since most carvers feel that they need help with painting their carvings a full
hour in the video is spent on painting.
This is definitely a step-by-step instructional video so that a beginner with just a
basic knowledge of carving will be able to follow along and make a good bird.
does not instruct on basic 'how to carve' skills.
does not include the 23-page instructions. They are available below.
Wren kits containing the cut-out blank with the holes pre-drilled for the legs, the
pewter legs and the glass eyes. Note: this kit does not come with any instructions.
This DVD video takes you step-by-step  from the cut-out blank to the finished
bird in
3 hours and 15 minutes. It is as though you were sitting next to me in
the 5-day class when I teach the wren in person. I show you how to carve birds
with nothing more than a bench knife and 2 gouges. The video comes with the
first 4 pages of the 23-page booklet so that you have color references,
materials list, and patterns.
HUMMINGBIRD KIT-Here is everything you need to make the hummingbird. The body comes complete with
the beak dowel already glued in place, and there are an extra pair of tail feathers just in case you need them.
Wings and the 3mm eyes are also in the package.
Note: this is the basswood kit only- there are no
instructions included. The companion instructions and video are listed above
Cost for kit- $15.00
Video alone$25.
Video DVD- 2 hours of step-by-step close-up detailed instruction on every
step for making this mouse project. Includes plan, materials list and color
photos. Does not include booklet available below.
Click here to see a 10 minute clip of DVD samples.
This 23-page full-color bound booklet is a great guide for how to make this
wren. I take you step-by-step through all the processes needed to make your
$25.        Download: $7.50
Video alone  $35.
Printed Booklet   $25.
Download File   $7.50
Wren Kit alone   $18.
Special Offer: get everything you need-
the 3+ hour DVD, 23-page bound booklet,
and kit with pre-drilled holes for
Use this button for this special offer.
Special Offer: get the 2-hour DVD, 6-page  
booklet, and basswood  mouse blank for
Use this button for this special offer:
Special Offer: get the 2-hour DVD,
17-page bound booklet, and kit
including glued beak for

I am thrilled with the quality of this new issue of my book by Echo Point Books. Every page was faithfully
reproduced and contains everything that was in the original publication. The production quality is the same
as the original, (it still weighs 2 pounds), although (because it was copied) the photos are about 95% as
dark and clear.

The first publication saw 16,000 copies sold- and 660 of them by me personally. It was a pleasure to meet
and talk with so many interesting wood workers at shows and as I held box-making classes. When the book
was sold out and no more copies were going to be printed I copied the book and offered digital downloads
and a CD copy. Those offers still stand, but I have listed them farther down on this page to make it clear
what you are ordering.

I have ordered a limited number of these books to be sold by me and signed and dedicated however you
wish. It will be dedicated to the purchaser unless otherwise directed. I am super happy that they were able
to maintain such high quality standards and yet make the book available for a reasonable cost. They will be
mailed to you by USPS Priority Mail in a plastic bubble envelope.
Book- $30, Shipping-$6.  
The book is
also available
as a $35 CD
reprint of the
original book.
Shipping will be

This 48-page booklet has taken me more than a year to make, and I am very proud
of it.
I wanted to make a step-by-step set of instructions that any patient and careful
carver could follow to make this
7" doll. I looked all over for some information/plans, but
there were none that included details in carving
such a doll. I detail every step necessary
to carve this doll with 120 photos that I took as I was making it.

I have included a page on how to prepare the blocks for each piece, 4 pages with all

patterns, and a detailed illustration sheet showing exactly how to string the doll.
The instructions are available as a PDF download
To see a selection of 8 pages from the booklet click here:

To order this booklet click here: