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This year, 2014 saw my article on making the wren published in the prestigious British magazine, WoodCarving, published by
the Guild of Master Craftsman.
The first half was featured in the Jul/Aug issue, #139, and the Sept/Oct issue, #140 finished the project.
Not only that, but the wren was chosen for the cover of #139!!! This tops my career as a carver and writer of how-to articles and
booklets on carving. Nothing could top this honor.
In Mar/Apr 2013 this same magazine had published  a "20 Minutes With. . ."  2-page spread that featured many of my favorite
pieces and a nice interview.
Another excitement came when another British publication, The Woodcarvers Gazette, published by the British Woodcarvers
Association, did a 2-page spread with interview and more photos.
GREAT NEWS!!! The Ultimate Band Saw Book is back in print!!!- and printed
in the USA!
A few months ago I was approached by the publishing company 'Echo Point Books and Media' about
reprinting my book. The terms are practically the same that I had with the original publisher, so I will once
again offer my book for sale on this web site. I will keep the download available since I know that for some
people it is the better choice- and no shipping! See the items for sale page to order.
The paper copy of the book is now available for
$30.00 (+$6 Priority Mail) from me, and I will be
ecstatically happy to sign and dedicate it to whomever you want. If not directed otherwise, the book will be
dedicated to the purchaser.
There are full-sized (7 " doll) plans
for front, back, right side, left side,
and for how to make the blanks.
There is a clear diagram with 4
views on how to string the doll and
place the diverting wires.
The step-by-step instructions leave
nothing out, and any competent
wood carver should be able to make
a good doll.
The materials to make this doll do
not cost much, but the finished doll
is priceless.
Here is a link to 8 pages taken from
the booklet to give you an idea of
how thorough the instructions are.
Currently the booklet will
be available only as a
PDF Download. Printing
this booklet would be
costly so I do not plan to
print it myself. You can
print it at home, or take
the file to a printer to
make your own copy.
I have considered
offering a kit that would
include the prepared
blocks with pre-drilled
holes, the elastic, wire,
and threader. Contact
me if interested.
WOOD, my latest booklet, is
now finished and available. It
has 48 pages in full color
including 6 pages of plans and
assembly instructions.
Whew, it has taken a long
time, and a tremendous
amount of effort, but I feel that
it will be worth while if some
people derive as much
enjoyment from this project as
I have.
The PDF download is available
for $18.